About us

AEQES is an independent public sector agency, practising formative evaluation based on a dialogue between all stakeholders within the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Fully embedded in the European context, the Agency is responsible for assessing the quality of higher education and working for its continuous improvement.

The Agency autonomously develops its procedures used for assessing the quality of teaching in bachelor and masters programmes in the institutions authorised by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. It has established an evaluation-plan on a 10-year basis and a mid-term follow-up evaluation, monitoring an appropriate group of programmes with the aim of fostering the alignment of programme profiles and objectives with the missions of the institutions involved, disseminating good practice and promoting synergies.

The Agency organises evaluation and follow-up procedures in line with its code of ethics. It selects its experts, informs them of their mission and its context and ensures that they can carry out their work in complete independence.

The Agency provides information on the quality of higher education by publishing on its website the review reports, the system-wide analyses and highlighting best practice. It provides the heads of the institutions reviewed and the Government with proposals on ways of enhancing quality.

The Agency, through its broad-based participative structure, remains in permanent dialogue with stakeholders. It takes any initiative deemed fit for accomplishing its duties, updating its procedures on the basis of experience gained.
Its participation in international bodies and events for quality assurance in higher education are also to be seen in the context of the Agency as a learning organisation.

By basing all its working procedures on the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG), by working together with other agencies or bodies in other countries, and by disseminating information on European developments in higher education, the Agency can be seen as being a part of an overall European process.

The Agency’s Bodies are the Steering Committee, the working groups, the Board, the Executive Unit and the Complaints Commission. 



AEQES wanted to express all its actions and considerations with an overarching coherence, through a strategic plan. The purpose of this plan is to shed light on the AEQES’ missions, vision and values underlying its current and foreseen activities, and to state them in a clear way for all stakeholders.  

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